Things to do

Any time of year there is always something to do at Bendalong. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Washerwoman’s beach

Only few minutes walk from the house, Washerwoman’s beach is a protected 840m curving beach facing north-east with tall natural bushland lining the back of the beach giving good shade in the afternoons. Usually devoid of rips with waves averaging less than 1m, its an ideal place to swim, snorkel, boogie board, learn to surf, BBQ and have a game of beach cricket.

Redhead at Bendalong – Feeding the stingrays

Feed the stingrays

For generations fishermen at Washerwoman’s beach boat ramp have attracted the local Smooth and Bullnose rays. Very friendly and inquisitive these rays are happy to glide right up to you and take a free hand out. Reach out a feel their beautiful velvety skin as you pass a tasty fishhead into the path of the ray.

Redhead at Bendalong – Surfing lessons at Washerwomans Beach

Learn to surf

Learn to surf with the 1990 ASP World Champion Pam Burridge. A surfer and influential trailblazer for today’s crop of female surfers, Pam Burridge Surf Schools hosts surfing lessons on Washerwoman’s beach. Accessible to anyone young or old, Pam provides world class coaching and everything you need to hit the waves.


Flat rock beach

Only a 1 drive away is Flat Rock at North Bendalong. A beautiful small beach that features a large flat rock 130m wide. The water off the edge of the rock is a great snorkeling and fishing spot. And the rock platform offers many little holes, rock formations and the little creatures that live in them.


Lake Conjola

7 minutes drive from Bendalong, Cunjurong Point gives easy access to Lake Conjola. The perfect place for a picnic and for the little ones to explore the expansive sand flats. Bring your fishing rod and bag yourself a nice whiting, bream or flathead for dinner!


Bring your bike

Leave the car and jump on your bike. Bendalong on two wheels is a great way to explore area. The roads are quite and the local bush tracks are easily accessible for all age groups and abilities.


Visit Milton

A beautiful small south coast town, Milton is a scenic 20 minute drive from Bendalong. Featuring a vibrant art and theatre scene, vintage clothing, antiques, cafes, pubs, restaurants and food & wine. Milton is the perfect place to stock up on supplies and do something a little different.


Visit Ulludulla

Only 25 minutes from Bendalong is the larger town centre of Ulludulla. Featuring a fishing village, you can enjoy freshly caught local seafood or oragainse a fishing charter if your efforts to bring home a meal didn’t work out. Or make your way to Ulladulla lighthouse where you can view migrating whales.


Bush walking

Whether you start out from the house at Redhead or venture a little further, Bendalong and its surrounds offer some of the best and accessible busk walking around. Visit Pigeon House Mountain, a 5km return bush walk that takes 2hrs 30min - 3hrs 30min to complete. Take in the lush green forest on your way to the summit that offers views of the entire south coast.



Just a 15 minute walk is the popular Inyadda Beach. This beach is a more exposed ocean facing beach. This is the surfing beach for Bendalong. It faces the southeast and curves for 1.6 km from Red Head to Inyadda Point. Lake Conjola/Green Island a little further south is also a great spot for waves.



You won’t have to go far to see and experience Bendalong’s wildlife. Kangaroo’s are regular visitors and can be hand fed. The bird life is abundant with many different species of parrots, bower birds, sea eagles, egrets and more. You may also be lucky and spot an echidna, bandicoot, wombat or a friendly diamond python.



If beach combing is your thing then Bendalong has you covered. Keep your eyes sharp and you may find some treasure! Bendalong’s beaches face north-east and south-west, so no mater what the oceans is doing your sure to find something of interest.